lunes, 18 de marzo de 2013


On Sunday, we went to the Royal Albert Museum and we did some activities. Then we went to the Cathedral and had lunch. After lunch, we went shopping. Great!
(Natalia Silvan, Albert Lopez, Carla Cortada, Aleix Gutierrez, Quim Gil, Raquel Hernandez)

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  1. Vinga Joe!!! Quanta gent que portes no?!?! deus estar molt enfeinat amb tants alumnes... bona sort i dona-li recors a la Caitlin

  2. You are doing a lot of things. I am sure you are enjoying this great experience.
    Here, in our school we also are doing some interesting activities about environmental sustainability.
    See you soon!

  3. Hello lads!

    We've been looking forward to seeing a brave parent's comment in this blog, but after four days having the disappointing impression that nobody wants to be the first one, here we go!!

    We are very happy to see that you are taking advantage of your stay in Exeter and learning a lot of English... (ehemm!!).

    Well, hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in those British lands and come back home plenty of good experiences.

    Sergi, Potxi waits for you at your window every morning.

    Kisses from Terrassa,

    The Moyas.

    PD: Txetxi, I have played with the Play Station a little time. Are you angry with me? ;)

    Kisses from the best little sister in the World. :*

  4. Hello!!!

    It's great to see your happy faces and smiling all the time!! This is a very exciting experience and, please, enjoy yourselves as much as possible.

    Lovely to see that you are having wonderful days and not so bad weather!!!

    Kisses from Terrassa and from your last English primary teacher,... Montse!!!